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Can you Negotiate Fixed or Variable Interest Rates on Payday Loans with Lenders

Created: 2018-07-04 09:00:00

When you apply for payday loans through Sure Money, your application will be forwarded to a vast network of lenders. It is likely multiple lenders will offer you a quote and you would have a plethora of options. Some lenders will offer you the exact loan amount while some may offer you less. Lenders would quote either a variable rate of interest or a fixed annual percentage rate. Most lenders will have a policy pertaining to their rates. Some lenders have a flexible policy. They offer fixed and variable rates of interest. However, they are unlikely to offer both as options to a single borrower.

When you get the quotes, you can negotiate the terms, you may even ask for a review of the loan amount and you can seek all the clarifications you need. You may not be able to negotiate the rate of interest. You may not be able to negotiate fixed or variable either. Lenders will go by their policy and not by the discretion or preference of borrowers. If a lender does offer you both fixed and variable rates, then of course you have the liberty to choose.

A few lenders will not facilitate any correspondence pertaining to the negotiation of any of their terms. It would be a straight offer and you can only accept it or reject it. Some lenders are more lenient and generous with their terms. This is with such lenders that you can try and find out if they would be willing to offer a fixed rate or variable rate, depending on what the quote has and what you may prefer. Always do the math before you choose either fixed or variable rate of interest. Weigh the negative possibilities of both the options before you choose to negotiate either way with the lender.