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Can you Negotiate the Loan Amount through Sure Money

Created: 2018-07-11 09:00:00

When you apply for unsecured short term loans such as payday loans through Sure Money, you have to choose a loan amount. This is an amount you choose on the basis of your need and what you are eligible for. Lenders don’t have any say at this stage and Sure Money does not exert any influence. Since you are choosing a loan amount entirely out of your free will, it is the amount lenders will consider. Lenders that find your application acceptable and the loan amount within the range they deal in will send you their quotes. Those that don’t find your application considerable will not send you any offers.

After you receive the quotes from lenders, you can compare them and choose to go for one that has the least rate of interest and the best terms of repayment. You may or may not get any quote that will offer you an amount less than what you have sought. You will definitely not get a loan amount that is greater than what you have asked for. These possibilities almost rule out any negotiation pertaining to the loan amount. Lenders don’t expect you to negotiate when they are offering the exact amount you have asked for. Those that offer you less money will perhaps facilitate some negotiation and that is if you consider their quotes. Usually, lenders would not send quotes if they cannot offer you what you need.

The only time when you can negotiate a loan amount is when lenders express some intent to review their offer. It is possible your financial profile is better than the average borrower and a lender may be willing to consider lending you some more money, albeit it is not wise to borrow more money than you need as payday loans. Those who have a better than average credit score may also have lenders showing a bit of leniency but it may be confined to terms of the loan and not necessarily the amount.