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Introduction to Payday Loans with Fixed and Variable APR

Created: 2018-06-25 09:00:00

APR is annual percentage rate. It is the rate at which interest is charged on your payday loans or other types of unsecured short term loans. There are two types of rates, fixed and variable. You may be familiar with such systems if you have had a mortgage or home loan at a variable rate of interest. Many home loans have a fixed rate for the entire term, some have a fixed rate for the lock in period which isa few years initially and then there is a variable rate and a few home loans have variable rates throughout the term. Variable rates of interest are often referred to as floating rates.

As is the case with other types of loans, payday loans can have fixed or a variable APR. Since these are short term loans with a repayment term of one month to six months in most cases, there is no combination of fixed and variable rates for payday loans. You would be paying either a fixed rate or a variable rate. Many lenders do not offer fixed rates as a matter of policy. Some lenders would only offer fixed rates. Most lenders offer fixed and variable rates and it is their discretion what to charge you. All borrowers are of course made aware of the type of interest they would be paying. If you are unsure of whether a rate is fixed or variable, you should ask for a clarification. Lenders are required to mention this in the quote.

When you apply for payday loans through Sure Money, you are going to receive many quotes so you may be in haste to compare them all and that may lead you to presume a rate as fixed or variable. Avoid such presumptions and assure yourself by checking all the details in the quote.