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Sure Money UK - For Life is Little Emergencies

Created: 2018-08-07 09:00:00

It is an unfortunate truth that many of life's emergencies occur at the worst possible time. Nobody knows when one will happen, and when they do arise they can end up costing a small fortune. Many situations can require an urgent need for money, and if you don't have savings set aside and your bank is not prepared to help you out, what other options do you have? You could always ask family and friends if they could lend you the money until you can pay it back, but this can be difficult at the best of times and nobody likes to run to others with their begging bowl.

In emergency situations that require quick action, a payday loan can become your best friend. There is no need to worry about excessive charges or hidden fees when it comes to a payday loan. Sure Money UK can connect you with the best short-term loan provider for your needs and there are no upfront charges or hidden fees. As an example of an emergency situation, imagine that you have been involved in a small car accident and do you need to get the damage repaired there and then. Many insurance companies will not pay out immediately, and you will be expected to pay yourself and claim back the money later. In situations such as these, a payday loan can get you the much-needed money that you are after to cover your costs.

As the majority of payday loans can be paid out on the same day, and in some cases within the hour, covering whatever it is that you need becomes a simple task. You may be worrying that your current credit score may make it impossible for you to be accepted for a short-term loan. But the fact of the matter is that if you can demonstrate your ability to be able to make repayments on time, then you are more than likely to be accepted. Of course, a poor credit score will most likely result in a higher APR, but as a payday loan is designed to be paid off quickly, the total repayable amount is typically extremely affordable and lower than you may think.

Another emergency situation that many people encounter is when a pet becomes ill or is injured. Unlike many hospitals, treatment is not free for animals, and the vet could demand payment to be made up front. Of course, there are laws in place that prevent that's from not treating animals due to financial restraints, in which case a deposit will be expected and the remainder to be paid at a later date. As every pet owner knows, vets bills can almost bankrupt a person, with the typical consultation fee ranging between £25 to £55 and that is before any treatment is even given.

If you don't have insurance or you are expected to pay first and claim back the money from your insurance provider at a later date, being able to access money quickly and easily could eliminate much of the stress associated with such situations and allow you to focus on the health and well-being of your pet. Emergency situations are never pleasant, but knowing that a source of finance is available should the situation arise is comforting, to say the least.